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Welcome to TFS='s website. Please feel free to look around. If you want to join the clan contact  Dark H0r1z0n and he will organise a clan try-out. We are a new-ish clan looking for members who are good and are active.

This website is NEW so please be patient as we update the website,

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All Clan members must be registered on the clans gamebattles website to take part in clan matches.
The Fall Squad News    

Member Invites

TFS xDark H0r1z0nx, May 1, 10 12:53 PM.
The Fallen Spartans (TFS) have about 20 members. We still want to grow our clan. We are a bunch of guys and girls who play on Halo 3, Modern Warfare 2. If you would like to join the clan, register on the website and contact TFS xTheDark1x on the xbox 360 and we will set up a try-out etc.

Clan members: If you have a mate or know anyone who wants to join or whois not in a clan, get them to contact me and do the items above but get them in the message get them to say you name (in Text) and you may get some microsoft points or something else.


Halo 3

TFS xDark H0r1z0nx, Apr 28, 10 2:46 PM.
Guys and Girls in The Fallen Soilders. We are switching from Modern Warfare 2 to Halo 3. We are switching as most of the members like the game a little bit more and we have won all games so far. If you have not got Halo 3 please get it as the clan matches will mostly be on that. We will still play Modern Warfare 2 but not that much.

Thanks Guys and Girls.

TFS xTheDark1x & TFS xD1G1TALx

Gamertag Changes

TFS xDark H0r1z0nx, Apr 26, 10 4:00 PM.


As from 1st May 2010 ALL clan members will have to change their gamertag. If your gamertag has not been changed by the 15th May 2010 you will be removed from the clan. New gamertag template is as follows.

TFS x       x

Please note: 'TFS' is caps, Space between the 'TFS and x' and x at the end of your custome input in the middle.


The Fallen Squad (TFS=) Have gone bigger

TFS xDark H0r1z0nx, Apr 15, 10 12:50 PM.
The Fallen Soilders is run by two good guys. We currently have 12+ clan members whom skill levels are good. We have a GameBattles webpage etc. and are in need of a 'B' Team to fight other clans etc. (Same as the A Team) Once team A,B are full so 4 in and 2 Back up's, we will move onto other teams from C etc, We hope to get this clan big and win oads of events etc.

The Fallen Squad members have fun together etc.

We sometimes do a private match for e.g. Cops & Robbers or Mike Myers etc.

To join go to the contact page of this website and follow it from there.

Thanks    TFS xTheDark1x :)
There are no upcoming events.
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